About Paw-Di-Cure

We started Pawdicure to fill the need for mobile dog nail services. We saw that many owners couldn’t get to a salon, whether due to lack of transportation, busy schedules, or a nervous pup in the car. Our goal is to make nail trimming stress-free and convenient for dogs and their owners by bringing the salon experience to our clients’ homes. We strive to provide a hassle-free service that benefits both pets and their owners.

How Paw-Di-Cure Works

Step 1

Start with booking an appointment if you are a returning client. If you are a new client, start with filling out a new client application to get the process started for your first groom.

Step 2

We will reach out to confirm the date, time, and details of the appointment and the details of the grooming services you have booked with us.

Step 3

We will arrive with our van equipped with grooming table for comfort. Pet parents can hand over their pet and wait outside, or accompany their pet in the van for added comfort and support.

Step 4

Once finished, your pet will be rewarded with a treat for being so good. Payment is accepted after appointment is finished. We accept cash or e-transfer.

Benefits of Paw-Di-Cure grooming

Keeping your pets nails trimmed on a regular basis is essential for their optimal health. Nails that are too long can eventually cause discomfort when walking, and potentially realignment of the joints.

A calm, anxiety-free environment for your pet with 1 to 1 attention with the same groomer every time, free from contact with other dogs, and no kennelling before or after your pet’s appointment.

Our services are great for paw-rents with busy schedules or those without cars. We come right to your door and work around your schedule! No wait times, no commute, no need to leave your home.

Your pet is always in safe hands. We never leave them alone, vaccinations are mandatory for all pets entering the mobile grooming space, and we use the same products during each visit.

What we offer

Please note, we do not bathe, or do full hair cuts

Nails & Ears Package

  • Nail trim/grind
  • Ear cleaning

Starts at

$45 per dog

*Additional travel fee may apply if outside of service area.


  • Nail trim/grind
  • Ear cleaning
  • Trim around eyes/visor
  • Sanitary trim
  • Pad/paw trim

Starts at

$55 per dog

*Additional travel fee may apply if outside of service area

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each grooming appointment take from start to finish?

It all depends on how your pet reacts with nail trimming.. We like to ensure pets comfort throughout the process. Normally appointments can range from 10 – 20 minutes.

Do you accept aggressive dogs?

While we try to work with your dog to make it a comfortable experience, safety comes first for both the pet and the groomer. If, at any time, the groomer feels unsafe then a muzzle may be used for the safety of the groomer and your pet. If a muzzle cannot be used, termination of the appointment may occur at the discretion of the groomer with full payment for visit.

What do I need to do in order to prepare for my pet’s grooming appointment?

A typical nail appointment ranges from 10-20 minutes, depending on the comfort level of your pet. Some pets require a longer period to feel comfortable with this process, we do our best to make sure they are comfortable and calm.

Although we do our best to provide accurate arrival times, unforeseen circumstances like traffic, road closures, and accidents can cause delays. Our team will do our best to communicate any delays or changes in arrival times.